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Play-Doh Recipe (with added sniff appeal)

Natalia Richardson Aromatherapy Essential Oils Kids

Play-Doh-n't you just love it..?!..

I go through phases with Play-Doh. One minute I'm enthusiastically rounding up my kids to sit around the table to play with it, (kidding myself that they will focus on an activity for more than 15 minutes) the next minute when I'm breaking up an argument over a rolling pin AND picking bits up off the floor on my hands and knees AND scraping it off any form of upholstery, I'm frustratingly muttering  under my breath "never again". 

It's usually then that I hear "mummy, I made this cake for you" and just like that my mood and voice reverts back to an amusing friendlier tone with an "aww, thank you, it's delicious"! 

If you are having one of those enthusiastic moments, this is a multi-sensory, easy and safe recipe that the kids will enjoy getting involved in making, playing and especially smelling; whilst the vacuum remains on standby.  

Play Doh Recipe




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