The Happy Mama Organics Story
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The Happy Mama Story

It all began with a not so happy mama...

It was November 2010 and a beautiful baby girl, our first, lay in my arms whilst the tear to my down belows caused by the delivery, was being repaired. I could feel every stitch going in and then being pulled through, then in again… and… back out again… 

In that moment the pain was subdued by the elation of meeting my baby, but when back at home with days turning to weeks and my walk still a slow shuffle, my sitting position still a perch and my toilet trips still a vocal exercise, I was definitely feeling it (salt baths and ice packs had been tried, tested and reviewed as failed). Added to this the knock out tiredness, leaking, hard as rock boobs with tortured nipples and the dazed and confused facial expression of being in early motherhood shock, you could say I wasn’t looking good either.  

It was during a visit from my midwife, that, once I’d finished sobbing, she suggested I try lavender oil to see if that would help. “What?!! I thought, clearly she has no idea about what I’m going through”. How was, a ‘scent’ loved by my grandma in the 80’s, going to do anything to make me feel better?!... Her ‘helpful’ contribution annoyed me but I was so fed up I asked David to go and buy some…

That night I added a few drops to the bath water, as she’d advised, and soaked. I did the same again the next day and the day after that, continuing every night for a week.

Guess what? It was working. Day by day I was feeling more comfortable and with that my mood was also picking up.

Within 7 days I was able to walk and sit properly. I was so amazed, not only because of how quickly the lavender had worked but because I’d actually been healed - by what I’d thought of until then, as just a ‘fragrance’. It was a revelation and there were more to come … 

I started to use my baby’s sleep times to research and learn about essential oils and aromatherapy. This then progressed to wanting to use natural health and skincare so I started to check ingredients on labels. I was expecting to find a few flower names I’d learnt but instead found Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Petrolatum, Methylparaben…

New search in Google and I was able to translate these to skin irritants, hormone disruptors and cancer-causing substances; toxins. There are many more like it in different guises and found in skincare, haircare and baby products. Yes, baby products and unbelievably even those promoting themselves as natural!

I’d been using this rubbish on my little one’s skin, trusting big brands and being influenced by their advertising. I had to let other mums know, but how? …hmm, I thought, "maybe I should create my own brand of skincare products …??”...

So, a few years and a couple more additions to the family later, I’m really pleased to be introducing the Blooming Happy Mama Organics range, created for mums and mums to be, with the range for babies to follow.

Products are 100% natural, Certified Organic (as part of my mission to build a brand that mums can trust) made in Australia, and free from all the stuff that should not be in skincare in the first place. Ingredients have been chosen for their valuable soothing and healing properties, safety in pregnancy, gentleness on skin and effectiveness in solving issues related to pregnancy and motherhood; from morning sickness to stretch marks and cracked nipples.

So why did I call it Happy Mama? Because happiness can be defined by many things; seeing your baby comfortable and content because their nappy rash or cold has cleared up, finding a solution to a problem that boosts your own wellbeing, or even the peace of mind in knowing that the products you are using are safe and not something that you should need to check or worry about; we’ve got enough to do! 

I hope that in using the range you experience at least one happy mama moment.

From one mother to another.









                                Happy Mama Organics Founder