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$7.95 Shipping in Australia. Free on orders over $50. Free local delivery, no minimum
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Love for Our Planet

Thank you for visiting this page to see how together we can help protect our beautiful planet.
So let's break it down..!

If your order has been shipped in a bubble mailer: 

  • It’s home compostable
  • It’s reusable
  • It’s a vegan product made from plant-based materials with natural rubber adhesive
  • The label is compostable

If your order has been shipped in a mailing box:

  • It’s reusable
  • It’s recyclable
  • It’s made from FSC Certified card stock
  • It’s been sealed with Compostable Tape
  • The label is compostable

So what next..?

Reuse - Both the mailer and box can be reused. When opening the mailer for the first time, open the package by cutting along the line, marked on the flap. When it’s time to reuse, seal with the second adhesive strip. (Please note the bags only have a shelf life of approximately 9-12 months when kept in cool and dry conditions and out of direct sunlight) With the boxes, if you’re anything like me (a hoarder!) and have a ‘just in case’ craft collection box, keep the mailing box there, (because you never know when you or your kids will need a box to decorate..!!)    

Home Compost - Before composting the Herobubble padded mailer, tear the layers apart, (instructions are also printed on the back of the mailers - labels do not need to be removed in this case as they are home compostable too). The outer layer is FSC recycled paper, while the internal material is certified compostable. The mailer can also be added to your green garden kerbside waste. 

Recycle - Remove the label and tape from the box and add to your recycling kerbside waste. 
How to compost the hero mailer

Skincare Packaging 

Soothing Nipple Balm – both the lid and the wind up base are made from ABS plastic. The carton is made from FSC certified card stock. Both materials are recyclable. The label does not need to be removed as it’s recyclable too.

Skin Rescue Balm – both the lid and the jar are made in Australia from PET plastic, which is recyclable. The carton, made from FSC certified card stock and the label are also recyclable.

What else is Happy Mama Organics doing?

We use Organic Ingredients. To be labelled as organic, each step in the process - from farming to manufacturing, has to meet set standards. Organic Farming is healthier for soil, uses less energy than conventional farming and reduces air and water pollution. Organic ingredients also minimise the amount of toxins that our bodies are exposed to.

We reuse packaging materials –wholesale orders are sent out in reused boxes. Both can be reused again or recycled. We also use compostable tape for sealing.

We partner with Sendle and Australia Post, both committed to being carbon neutral.

We contribute to causes that help and support women and children going through adverse experiences. 

We are grateful for and value nature’s precious healing gifts and will continue to be heart-led in the actions we take.